Standing on the Shoulders,
a Legacy of Leadership

By Jessica Muñoz

In 2020, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. will celebrate its 25th anniversary. It’s a milestone any organization would be proud of, but we at Methodist Healthcare Ministries are especially honored as each of our 25 years represents thousands of individuals who obtained quality care that would have otherwise been unattainable to them. We are blessed to have been guided by strong and dedicated leadership in our organization’s first quarter century—many of whom are proud Leadership Women alumnae who have made indelible marks on the communities Methodist Healthcare Ministries serves. We have leveraged the learning and development opportunities Leadership Women provides to augment and enhance our own leader’s exposure to a variety of issues that impact our ability to carry out our mission. It’s why we were especially proud to support Leadership Women as they visited San Antonio to kick off the 2019 Leadership Texas class, and sponsor their San Antonio Luminary Dinner.

The Luminary Dinner was a wonderful celebration of the women in our city and state who are blazing trails and lighting the way for the next generation of leaders in our community. It was an inspiring and enlightening evening but most importantly, it was fun! It simply would not be a Leadership Women event without roaring laughter. As we struggled to catch our breath between laughs, we heard compelling stories about the journeys each of our luminaries embarked upon to pave the way for other women who have stood on their shoulders. Their stories were reminders that we have a responsibility to build up the young women in our lives, so their shoulders will be strong enough to carry the leaders they will give shape to along their journeys in life.

As we at Methodist Healthcare Ministries reflect upon the men and women who have been so pivotal to the life of our organization, we recognize Leadership Women has been an important character in our story. And, as we look to the next 25 years in our organization’s life, we know it will continue to play a vital role in developing the next generation of our leadership.


Jessica Munoz is the Director of Communications at Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. and graduate of the Leadership Women Texas 2018 class. Methodist Healthcare Ministries is a private, faith-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating access to health care for the uninsured through direct services, community partnerships and strategic grant-making in 74 counties across South Texas. Guided by its mission of “Serving Humanity to Honor God,” Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ vision is to be the leader for improving wellness of the least served. The mission also includes Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ one-half ownership of the Methodist Healthcare System, the largest healthcare system in South Texas, which creates a unique avenue to ensure that it continues to be a benefit to the community by providing quality care to all and charitable care when needed. For more information, visit​

Leadership Women Texas, Methodist Healthcare Ministries Alumnae. Pictured from Left to Right, Top Row: Jessica Munoz, LT 2018; Melody Swisher, LT 2017; Anne Connor, LT 2006 & LA 2011; Oanh Maroney-Omitade, LT 2017; Bridget Lamme, LT 2016 & LA 2018. Bottom Row: Courtney Germany, LT 2018; Brook Gillespie, LT 2019; Dianne Dorsett, LT 2013 & LA 2014; Cindy McCloy, LT 2014; Jennifer Knoulton, LT 2018.