Ideal for women of all ages and phases who want to advance in communities and in organizations where they work.

Program Deliverables

  • Presents a one-day program customized to benefit a group of local women who lead where they stand
  • Provides respected experts and presenters adept in adult learning and the latest in leadership development
  • Fosters meaningful exchanges and introspection about leadership styles and competencies, professional and personal growth, generational leadership, work/life integration, and more
  • Connects local participants with their peers and other women across communities and organizations
  • Expands and engages a diverse community of women who desire to be positive leaders

The Investment

  • Varies, depending on community norms: $99 per-person average covers all content, handouts, meals, etc.

Participant Return on Investment

  • Helps her identify as a leader with impact and potential where she works and lives
  • Encourages her to move forward along her current leadership path, regardless of age or phase
  • Offers her new skills, advice, and encouragement to help her be authentically successful in her chosen leadership journey
  • Connects her with ways to engage and thrive in her organization and community

Organizational Return on Investment

  • Showcases a strong commitment to the advancement and potential of women in leadership
  • Rewards and encourages chosen participants as leaders within and outside the organization
  • Delivers the latest in leadership concept and development content to benefit productivity
  • Provides organizational visibility throughout the 6,000+ Leadership Women network

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