The ‘Ships’ That Shape Us

The ‘Ships’ That Shape Us by Jessica Muñoz There are three ‘ships’ that have shaped my career: Mentorship, fellowship and partnership. Each ‘ship’ has helped me to navigate through rough waters, but it has been women-only leadership develop [...]

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Scholarship Committee

Enriching Programming Through Unprecedented Scholarships In Q3 of 2020, while we and the rest of the world tried to navigate out of lockdowns and tried to determine when life would get back to “normal”, Leadership Women started to map out [...]

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Message from the CEO

This newsletter goes out to you as the end of summer looms, and with a bit of a “Groundhog Day” feel to it! I think by now we had all believed that the whole pandemic mess would be in the past – but it seems like we will still need to be p [...]

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Message from the CEO

We are so happy to be sending out this newsletter as we start the month of May. After the longest year ever, we are still surprised we are into the second quarter of 2021! At Leadership Women we have a mix of emotions – fatigue from having [...]

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In Memoriam – Elissa Epstein

ELISSA "LOVEY" EPSTEIN, LA'88 NEW YORK A vibrant soul and forever young at heart, Elissa "Lovey" Epstein passed away on April 15, 2021. A born and bred New Yorker, Elissa was raised on Riverside Drive by her parents, Lola and Charles Gottf [...]

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Black History Month 2021

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the achievements by African Americans and a time to recognize their central role is US history.  Leadership Women is honored to highlight the accomplishments of Johnnetta Betsch Cole, a longtime fr [...]

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Celebrating You

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Message from the CEO

Hello everyone!  We know that all of you are just as happy as we are to see the last of 2020 and turn the page into a new year! All of us at Leadership Women hope you and your families have stayed healthy and strong through the stresses of [...]

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In Memoriam – Dr. Barbara Young

DR. BARBARA YOUNG, LA'97 CANYON LAKE, CA Dr. Barbara Young was a spiritual, dynamic, energetic, highly successful International Media Personality who was passionate and driven in her goal to transform the lives of individuals for greater s [...]

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In Memoriam – Rondi Hillstrom Davis

RONDI HILLSTROM DAVIS, LT'11, LI'18 DALLAS, TEXAS Rondi Hillstrom Davis, known for her creativity and imagination, died of cancer in Dallas, Texas on December 17, 2020. Rondi was born on September 20, 1953 in Evanston, Illinois. She grew [...]

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