A big hello to all of you from all of us! Linda, Heidi, Laura, Martha, Mary and Michelle are writing this newsletter from our respective home offices in Dallas, Atlanta, Austin and San Antonio. Like you, we are finding these times pretty disorienting and stressful – but we are keeping well so far and hope that you are all doing the same.

The uncertain nature of doing business right now is challenging, for sure, but we are also finding bright moments. Many of you will have noticed by now that we have created LW Facebook Groups in order to keep us all connected.  We started with our Texas regions but have since added Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Several of these groups have organized their own local speakers, wine and cheese events or Zoom calls. Please let any one of us know if you are interested in taking on a coordinating role with any of these groups or to help with the posting of content and local events.

Our Leadership Texas and Leadership America 2020 classes have had the pleasure of experiencing our new Leadership Women Café Speaker Series – Alise Cortez on “Finding Your Purpose in a Crisis” (April 23) followed by Audrey Selden on “Leading Remotely – Connection, Communication and Cranes!” (April 30) both presented to the 2020 Leadership Texas class.  Leadership America 2020 got underway on May 1st with a LW Café Speaker Series presentation by Martha Farmer and Linda Crompton as an introduction to the organization and the program.  LA2020 has since participated in a presentation Dr. Neha Sangwan on “Navigating Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times” (May 7).  Beginning in July, a LW Café speaker series will be offered to LW Members, and any ideas you have for topics or speakers are welcome! And all will be recorded and available to watch later from our Member Portal.  For a sample of these presentations, go to Leadership Women Cafe.

All of us are aware of the challenge we face at the moment with respect to how best to hold the sessions – you want to see your speakers and venues in person and we, of course, miss you – but we have to continue to make your safety the #1 consideration. As we consider the best way to schedule classes, we are adhering to all state and city guidelines for physical distancing as well as ‘shelter at home’ restrictions – meaning that we are only holding in-person meetings when and where it is safe to do so. These are difficult decisions for any of us to make – we know that you are looking forward to meeting each other or seeing each other again.

Recently, we were pleased to make you aware of new job opportunities at Lockheed Martin. As a follow-up to that good news, Lockheed Martin President and CEO Marillyn Hewson recently remarked on Fox Business News, that the company wants to hire nearly 5,000 people even as it monitors its supply chain for disruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hewson also added that, “In the past four weeks, we have hired 1,700 people, and we are advertising for close to 5,000 more jobs.” As a reminder, please visit www.lockheedmartinjobs.com to apply directly to the job that best matches your interest and skill set. For more information on the Lockheed Martin Corporation visit www.lockheedmartin.com.

Watch this space as we get ready to make more announcements of programs we hope to be launching soon! We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag – but we think you are going to like them!

Other bright moments include the many messages of support we receive from you – please, keep them coming. Believe me, they warm our hearts in this tough time!  Click here for just a few of the comments we have received.

Our most optimistic wishes go out to all of you with this newsletter and may you stay well and try to be positive as we work our way through this. Remember we are here for you – simply click Heidi, Laura or Linda to send us a message.

Linda Crompton,
President and CEO
Leadership Women, Inc.