Happy 2019 to all of you! This is our first newsletter of the year, and now that the frantic activity of the last few months has finally calmed down, we are already half way through the first quarter! Yikes – 2019 is already shaping up to be an extremely busy year.

In less than two weeks we are looking forward to the first session of Leadership Texas 2019 in San Antonio and as usual, it’s an action-packed program: “Know Your Strengths” by Alise Cortez (LT’14), the “Changing Demographics of Texas” by Dr. Lloyd Potter,  “Leadership Through Core Values” by San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley, a discussion about the latest in healthcare at UT Health Science Center, a visit by Kim Olson to discuss women and the military, a Leadership Women Luminary Dinner Celebration and a panel discussion by innovative community leaders lead by San Antonio first lady and LT graduate, Erika Prosper are some of the highlights.  Of course, we must also thank our sponsors of the LT San Antonio session:  South Texas Money Management, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas San Antonio Branch, UT Health Science Center and Methodist Healthcare Ministries!  We will also be making an exciting announcement at the session, but I won’t spoil the surprise here.  If you are a graduate of LT and would like to attend parts of the San Antonio agenda, please go to our Events page to register.

A month later we will host our inaugural session of Leadership America 2019 in Washington, DC, and with all the activity (and women!) in the Capital these days, it promises to be a very thought provoking and stimulating session. Any Leadership America graduate interested in attending this exciting DC session can do so for a special rate – just contact Laura Logan.

We are planning to convene more events and programs this year – so if you are interested in becoming a speaker for us on an interesting topic – just let us know.  Speaking of which, remember to check out our website to find speakers for your own events, as well as see who is making a name for themselves in the leadership world in our ‘kudos’ section.

I want to acknowledge all of you who helped to make our year end fundraiser a success.  We actually exceed our budget target for the year – because of all of you!  As a nonprofit, your donations help us to continue to bring our programming to more women across the US, and will help us to kick start our new event – more on that soon.   So, a big thank you to our Board, Giving Circle and individual Members for your support!

And wherever you are – stay warm!

Linda Crompton
President & CEO