It’s time to wish you Happy Holidays, after what was surely one of the fastest paced years ever! (Or is that just my perception??) And just like the rest of the year, now we are all busily doing several things at once – preparing for the upcoming holidays, finishing year-end tasks and planning out priorities for the year ahead. Don’t forget to take a break and just breathe!

One of our priorities before this year closes out is to say a big THANK YOU to all of those who help the Leadership Women organization in many different ways. SO:

  • Thank you to our wonderful BOARD OF DIRECTORS, who work so hard on our behalf all through the year – helping to get the word out about our programs, identifying potential sponsors and supporters of the organization and of course overseeing all we do. Read all about our three new Board members – Benita Chin, Bea Lopez and Paula Pryor – in this newsletter.
  • Thank you as well to our wonderful AMBASSADORS – who do such a fantastic job of representing us and helping to recruit new applicants into our programs each year, along with our AMBASSADOR COORDINATOR – Michelle Vasquez – who does so much to keep communications flowing and events organized in our different regions.
  • Thanks are due as well to our SPONSORS, both our long term major supporters SOUTHWEST AIRLINES and TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, but also all the individual event sponsors – we could not do what we do without you!
  • We also extend our appreciation to all of you VOLUNTEERS out there – (you know who you are!) who work in the background to help us – recommending women for our programs, donating to help support us, organizing special events in our program cities, serving on our Summit Alumnae Committee – we are grateful for what you do for us every day.
  • Finally, a big thank to you to YOU, our graduates, who continue to tell us how much you appreciate what we do and how much you continue to benefit from our programs – you are who it’s all for!!

We at Leadership Women look forward to 2020, dedicated to increasing our impact even more next year and to spreading the word far and wide. In this moment in time, it is so important.

Wishing all of you the best of holidays with friends and family, and for a fabulous year ahead!

Linda, Heidi, Martha and Laura