The Leadership Women Speakers Bureau is an attempt to connect qualified LW star presenters with our graduate members and their organizations.

Speakers who are interested in expanding their speaking engagements and exposure can request to be listed on this page can apply by completing the LW Speakers Bureau form.

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Lillie Brock

Change Cycle, Organizational Transition, Purpose Driven Life

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Lillie was born in L.A. – Lower Alabama that is – and took the country road to the city, studying psychology and education as an undergraduate and graduate student before devoting herself full time to corporate training, work that has brought her to cities all over America and throughout the world. Lillie the co-author of two books, The Secret to Getting through Life’s Difficult Changes and The Change Cycle: How People can Survive and Thrive in Organizational Change, which debuted at #3 on Amazon’s Organizational Change books in 2010. Lillie is best known for her warm and funny style and is often called on to diffuse difficultysituations that inevitably occur during times of transition. She believes that people are still the most valuable resource in any organization so assisting them in navigating the white water of change is critical to the organization’s long term success.

Kamilah Collins

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Community Engagement

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Kamilah Collins is an influencer and community voice. As President of Collins Collaborations, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting Group, she leads workshops and strategic initiatives in the private and public sector, partnering with organizations such as NBC Universal, IBM, The National Urban League, the Boone Family Foundation and the Embrey Family Foundation. Collins is a powerful communicator, connector and champion for social change. Offering twenty years of experience in leadership development and community outreach. Her collaborative work launched Dallas Faces Race (DFR), with over 300 non-profit partners committing to building racial equity capacity in the Dallas area. DFR received national acknowledgement as a Commitment to Action by the Clinton Global Initiative.

Alise Cortez, PhD

Finding Your Strengths, Community Service Leadership, Women Taking Charge & Leading Others

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Dr. Alise Cortez is a Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Published Author, Radio Show / Podcast Host, and Development/Engagement Catalyst based in Dallas, Texas. Having developed her expertise within in the Human Capital / Organizational Transformation industry over the last 20 years, today she is focused on helping people across the globe more meaningfully and productively connect with their work to achieve greater fulfillment, more impactful results, and meaningful work-life integration. She is a sought-after speaker, consults with organizations, and conducts workshops to increase employee engagement, performance, and leadership effectiveness.

Kimberly D. Olson

Women in the Military, Diversity, Women’s Leadership, Running for Office

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Through her trailblazing military service as an aviation leader, commander and patriot Kimberly D. Olson, Colonel (retired) United States Air Force has reshaped the perception of women serving their country. Today, she is influencing the future of sustainable food production through her Community Supported Agriculture at the 4K River Ranch, Mineral Wells, Texas.  Her 25-years in uniform encompassed a time of great change. She was part of the first generation of female military pilots, eventually accumulating nearly 4,000 hours of flying time. As one of the first women to command an operational flying squadron, Kim rose to the rank of Colonel, served in the Pentagon on the Joint Staff, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the Air Staff and deployed to several combat zones, including Iraq.  Kim exemplifies those military veterans who continue to serve their communities and their nation and was inducted into the 2014 “Texas Women’s Hall of Fame.”

Nancy Shugart

Motivational, Diversity & Inclusion, Personal & Professional Growth, Disability Employment

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After going blind at the young age of eight, Nancy encountered overwhelming obstacles. “Stop. You’re aiming too high. Your plans are too bold.” These were words Nancy heard a lot growing up. The only one in her family to go to college, Nancy earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree. She went on to teach in the Austin Independent School District for more than two decades, something the experts had said would be impossible to achieve due to her blindness. During Nancy’s teaching career, her story of triumph in the face of adversity appeared in the magazines of the Texas State Teachers Association and the National Education Association. Following her successful 21-year teaching career from 1981-2002, she founded Prove Them Wrong®, LLC whose mission is to give a voice to courage by telling real-life stories of people who prove that we can all do more than most believe to be possible.