Donations from our graduates and corporate sponsors help us accomplish our mission to advance and improve the personal, economic and professional status of women.

For over three decades, Leadership Women has provided experiential-issues based programming for women leaders of diverse backgrounds.  That diversity (ethnic as well as economic and professional diversity) is the hallmark of our programs.  Financial support not only helps us to underwrite our programming, but it also ensures the diversity of our programs through scholarships.

Your gifts are tax-deductible and consciously invested.  Thank you for generously paying it forward with your gift to Leadership Women.

Giving Circles

SUPPORTER CIRCLE ($1000-$2,999)
Lee Ellen Banks
Nancy Berry
Cathy Bonner
Sheilah Clay
Raette Hearne
Jane Hickie
Mary Jones
Nancy Little
Mercy Murguia
Pilar Oates
Kimberly Olson
Becky Powell-Schwartz
Kaye Price-Hawkins
Tegwin Pulley
LaShanda Reed-Larry
Isabel de la Riva
Carolyn Schmies
Martha Smiley
Meg Wilson
Freda Wright

FELLOW CIRCLE ($3,000-$4,999)
Penny Beaumont
Joleen Chambers
Trisha Cunningham
Fran Dillard
Judith Guthrie
Hattie Hill
Audrey Selden

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE ($5,000- $9,999)
Anette Carlisle
Chula Reynolds
Ellen Temple

Lana Porter
Alice Reinarz
Dale Simons