Leadership Women, Inc. is the lasting legacy of multiple generations.  The gusto, grit and determination that drove the founders remains relevant and thrives today with the common mission to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic, and public life. by providing programs and projects to help them as they advance in their leadership journeys.

Like the founders, the current leaders of Leadership Women continue to empower incoming generations and promote leadership that encourages and enables women to make lasting, positive impacts wherever they work and live.

Year Event
1973 Josephine Hall, Marilyn Cazort and Janice McCoy incorporated the Texas Women’s Caucus in San Antonio.
1975 Texas Women’s Caucus changes name to Womanpower, An Educational Fund.
1976 Sarah Weddington, Jane Hickie, Ann Richards, Cathy Bonner, Judith Guthrie and Martha Smiley are elected as the board of the nonprofit.
1977 Womanpower publishes its first educational project, a book titled Texas Women in Politics. Womanpower changes its name to the Texas Foundation for Women’s Resources.
1978 Women’s Resources launches its first major statewide project, “Texas Women: A Celebration of History.” The first large-scale effort to document and publicize the contributions of women to a state’s history, the project is considered a ‘mother’ of American women’s history. Components eventually include a touring exhibit, several books, an educational video, numerous publications and an archive.
1981-1982 The “Texas Women: A Celebration of History” project touring exhibit opens at museums in San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Amarillo, El Paso and Houston.
1982 Board President Cathy Bonner proposes the creation of Leadership Texas — a program to identify and develop Texas’ women leaders loosely patterned after her experience in the inaugural class of Leadership Austin.
1983 Leadership Texas is launched, led by founding executive director Martha P. Farmer.    The “Texas Women: A Celebration of History” exhibit goes on permanent display at Texas Woman’s University.
1987 1985 –WR convenes the first-ever statewide conference about women and technology, The Technology Spectrum: Opportunities for Women.”    Women’s Resources expands its vision and board membership to the national level, moving its headquarters to Washington, DC.

Women’s Resources supports and applauds the development of sister programs Leadership California, Leadership Illinois, Greater Missouri, Kentucky

1988 Leadership America is established.
1992 Options for Girls: An Anthology on Science and Math” is published to encourage young women to pursue lifelong interest and careers in math and science.
1996 Power Pipeline is launched.
2000 The Women’s Museum: An Institute for the Future opens at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. The museum tells the stories of women’s accomplishments and contributions to American history. In 2011, the museum closes its doors after more than decade of operations.
2005 Women’s Resources relocates its headquarters to Dallas, Texas.
2007 A Founders’ Fund is established to honor the memory of WR founder Governor Ann Richards.
2008 Women’s Resources establishes automatic membership to all program graduates.
2010 The Leadership Workshop Series premieres to extend development opportunities in communities and organizations across Texas and beyond.
2012 Leadership America launches its 25th consecutive year of programming.   Leadership Texas celebrates 30th years as the longest running women’s leadership development program in the US.

Women’s Resources changes its name to Leadership Women, Inc.

Texas Women in Politics (1977)
Top Left:  Chula Reynolds, Cathy Bonner, Mary Beth Rogers, Martha Smiley, Ellen Temple, Sarah Weddington    Bottom Left:  Jane Hickie, Judith Guthrie, Ann Richards
The “Texas Women: A Celebration of History” Exhibit (1981-82)
Leadership Texas Class of 1983
Leadership America 1988