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Leadership Women is at the forefront, helping women and their organizations build intentional leaders. It is a simple truth: What helps advance a woman in her leadership journey is both good for business and good for society as a whole.  Our mission is to advance and improve the personal, economic, and professional status of women.

The determination that drove our founders over 35 years ago remains alive today, empowering women across the globe.  A Leadership Women Leader is someone who wants to LEARN, LEAD and leave a LEGACY.


Gain insight by experience!


Create, motivate and inspire!


Lift others up and give back!


By donating to Leadership Women, you support to enhance and elevate the professional status of women.

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New ideas and insights blossomed as fast as bluebonnets in a field after a spring rain.  Each keynote address was interesting, provocative, and in many cases direct and spot-on. There were no punches to be pulled with this group of women. I was surprised see all of us sit up just a little bit straighter toward the end of each day.  Karin Richmond, National Conference Attendee, LI2016 and LT1985

Leadership Texas was an important experience for me in recognizing that as women we could aspire to higher levels of leadership.  Upon my completion and graduation from LT in 2001, I ran for the Texas House of Representatives in March 2002. While I did not win that particular election, it put me on the path for public service and the pursuit of elected office.   Judith Canales, LT 2001, US Congressional Candidate for Texas’ 23rd District

The Leadership Women Advantage

Leadership Women Advantage Foundation
Building Your Foundation for Success

Build a stronger network, gain a more robust worldview, be exposed to new ideas, and learn from industry leaders from all walks of life.

Leadership Women Advantage Growth
Cultivating Your Career Opportunities

Learn to identify new opportunities, set goals and achieve meaningful results for your personal and professional growth.

Leadership Women Advantage Ideas
A Safe Place for Exchanging Ideas

Share ideas in a safe environment with a diverse group of peers from different backgrounds, industries, and fields of expertise.

Leadership Women Advantage Diversity
Understanding a Diverse Marketplace

Discover new insights about the different industries, cultures, geopolitical issues, and social dynamics that drive today’s global economy.

Leadership Women Advantage Community
Giving Back to the Community

Gain a better understanding of the challenges facing our local communities and discover the impact you can make right in your own back yard.

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