What is it?

  • Leadership Texas is the premier statewide women’s leadership program, the longest running and most successful of its kinds in the US.
  • Leadership Texas provides educational and development opportunities to Texas women who seek to advance as leaders and expand their knowledge of the diverse dynamics, issues, challenges and opportunities that impact their work, personal lives and communities.
  • Leadership Texas is an enduring and influential network for women leaders among its founders, participants, graduates, supporters and presenters.

Leadership Texas

  • Explores some of the most powerful forces and trends shaping Texas and its evolving role in 21st century business and social environments
  • Offers interactive learning opportunities, one-of-a-kind experiences and unique introductions to outstanding communities and individuals across Texas
  • Delivers opportunities to engage with leading innovators and subject-matter leaders across a board spectrum of industry, endeavor, geography and personal background
  • Provides discussions of leadership competencies and best practices, led by leadership experts and icons
  • Creates a supportive environment among leaders who gladly share what they know and value as well as what they need to know and want to understand
  • Brings together women leaders who may not otherwise meet to form better understanding, long lasting relationships and collaborative opportunities

Who is it for?

  • The Leadership Texas woman is someone who is seen by others and sees herself as a leader wherever she lives and works.
  • She is interested in impacting innovation and change at the local, regional and statewide levels.
  • She is ready and able to focus on a broadened lens on statewide experiences and environments to enhance the work that she does and the leadership that she employs.
  • She is intent on creating and sustaining meaningful connections and relationships among other leaders across a broad range of professional and personal backgrounds.
  • She is inspired to advance and exemplify a legacy of positive leadership, passing on what she has learned to help incoming generations of women and men.

How does it work?

  • Women make application, usually in the fall of each year, for acceptance into the following year’s program. Applications are accepted year round (click here).
  • Participants are carefully selected to create the best possible balance of public and private sector endeavors, volunteer experience, professional, education and personal backgrounds and differences across geography, perspective and leadership intentions.
  • Once selected, the chosen women are notified by email and commit to the program and to submitting payment of the requested tuition by the stated deadline.
  • Beginning in 2013, the program each year will include four separate sessions conducted in carefully selected Texas communities. Each two and one-half day session begins on a Sunday afternoon and concludes the following Tuesday at noon. Click here for current details.

How is it unique?

Leadership Texas offers opportunities for busy women to step away from their ongoing responsibilities in order to connect their own interests and experiences with the bigger picture of issues and opportunities.  Leadership Texas creates learning experiences and environments that take participants behind the scene and into the heart of the communities and issues being explored.  Leadership Texas provides opportunities for women to create and maintain ongoing relationships with other professionals leading in vastly different arenas from their own.  

How much is the investment?

  • Each participant is expected to attend the four sessions in their entirety, from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday at noon. The hours spent away from the home city depend on the participant’s location and, on average, include three Sundays and eight workweek days over the course of the program year.
  • Tuition for the program year is $3,800, covering the full spectrum of programming expenses, provided materials, online community and communications, specified meals, planned opportunities and local event transportation.
  • Each participant and/or her funding organization is responsible for transportation expenses to and from each session city as well as any hotel accommodations offered at a group rate in each host city.
  • Some tuition assistance may be available, on a case-by-case basis, for applicants who have been selected to participate in a given program year. Limited, short-term payment plans may also be considered for successful applicants.

What is the Return on the Investment (R.O.I.)?

       For the participant, the opportunity to:

  • Enhance her knowledge far beyond her area of expertise,
  • Expand her spheres of leadership influence,
  • Strengthen and refresh her leadership skills portfolio,
  • Prepare more fully for leadership in Texas’ ever-changing market place and increasingly diverse society,
  • Establish relationships and share information with leaders from a broad spectrum of disciplines and interests.

 For the participant’s organization, the opportunity to:

  • Provide substantive recognition and support for the advancement of the organization’s women,
  • Be visibly recognized throughout the Leadership Texas network concerning the organization’s work, innovations and vision,
  • Demonstrate to the broader public the support for and belief in women in leadership,
  • Offer women continuing education experiences to strengthen their impacts within and outside the organization’s environment,
  • Connect with Leadership Texas’ distinguished, highly recognized speakers and presenters.

What participants have to say about Leadership Texas....

  • “The array of speakers, with such diverse experiences, provided such practical advice for women leaders!"
  • "The access to women of this caliber is unbelievable."
  • "The most valuable part is the personal stories...it is relationship building!"

I still have questions? How can I find out more? Can I speak to a graduate?

Click  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to email us now. Or call us at 214-421-5566. We will get right back to you.

How do I apply?

Click HERE to complete the Leadership Texas application. Please note: You can apply any time of year; application deadline each year is around November 30th for the following year’s program.  Also, please note: Each year, the final schedule of topics, cities and session dates are available for review on the column to the left of this page by June 15th for the following year's program.






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2014 LT Theme:  

The Power of Community: A State of Possibilities

Current Class Roster

2014 Leadership Texas Program Dates:

Session 1:   
Dallas, TX  
March 2-4, 2014
Dallas Agenda

Session 2:   
Laredo, TX  
May 4-6, 2014 

Session 3:   
Abilene, TX  
September 7-9, 2014

Session 4:   
Austin, TX  
November 9-11, 2014

2015 Leadership Texas Program Dates:

Application Deadline: December 3, 2014



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